Pack it right.. Fit it right!

While money burns a hole in some frequent travelers’ pockets, the fresh perspectives and experiences they gain from every adventure are priceless. Embracing diverse cultures, exploring foreign food, breaking out of one’s shell—these can be truly gratifying.

However, it can never be discounted that preparations, even for the most spontaneous wanderers, can sometimes be a chore. Plane and hotel booking, bag packing, even waiting for the lowest seat sale and promos—these and more are all part of the tedious pre-travel routine.

Knowing these and everything else that wanderlusts go through before they can escape the hustle and bustle of one’s city, Kamaru Bags and Outdoor Gear has initiated the creation of durable bags that answers all frustrating packing practices. Equipped with the necessary compartments, their bags are tailored to carry essentials (and non-essentials) that campers, mountaineers, bikers, even plain vacationists have on their to-bring list.

Kamaru bags are made of high quality imported materials which is also WATER RESISTANT. It is guaranteed to be very durable and tough because it is carefully engineered to cater your daily outdoor activities without compromising comfortability and style.

Pack it right

When loading a pack, the center of gravity should be as close to the body near the shoulder height as possible. Generally, sleeping bags, or some other bulky but light weight items goes in the bottom part of the compartment. Heavy items are packed next, close to the back. Lastly, put all the items that you frequently use on the upper part of the compartment. By doing this, you’ll be able to easily grab these items whenever needed.

Fit it Right

5 EASY STEPS to fit your Kamaru Mountain Bag right:

  1. First, loosen all the straps.
  2. Wear the pack how you normally would then position the middle of the hip belt right along the hip bone and tighten the waist strap.
  3. Tighten the shoulder straps just enough to hold the pack in position without moving the waist strap.
  4. Now pull down the top stabilizer straps to pull the pack closer to your back.
  5. Finally, tighten the waist pad stabilizer straps to prevent lateral movement