A 100% Filipino-owned company, GLPPI started in 1988 as a modest home-based corporation specializing in the distribution and sales of excellent-quality bags. Its core product line opened the doors and paved the way to the existence of “KAMARU” brand and the eventual market position as a “Quality Bag Brand”. Its secondary brand “KYODO” which was introduced April 2002 has a well established it's presence in the market as a “Quality Low-Cost Brand”.

Brand Information

In Japanese, “KA” means home and “MARU” means round or circle. A well rounded home is where KAMARU had its humble beginnings. “MARU” in Japan is also commonly used to mean “defensive circle” which is there to “protect”. This symbolizes KAMARU’s durability to stand the test of time.

Locally, the word KAMARU was derived from Pampango dialect which means “mole cricket”.

When the product made waves in the Visayas and Mindanao regions, to Luzon and Metro Manila later, KAMARU earned high patronage primarily because of its QUALITY, it’s unique sounding name and “maru” in the local dialect means “tough and strong”. This translates directly what KAMARU stands for… strength and durability.

The brand was recognized as the “Best Daypack Bag Brand” during the 23rd Annual National Consumers Quality and People’s Choice Awards on September 2005, and another “Best Day Bag Brand Award” by the 3rd Pinoy’s Choice and Excellence Awards

We Envision

To be recognized as a highly respected, leading marketing organization distributing world-class QUALITY products.

Our Mission

We are a progressive marketing organization, committed to total customer satisfaction, through competent and values oriented employee, ensuring gainful employment, growth and profitability ultimately contributing to the country’s economic stability.

Our Mission

  1. Commitment to Excellence
  2. Integrity
  3. Respect for Individual and Teamwork
  4. Kaizen (Never-ending desire for change and improvement)
  5. Sense of Urgency and Determination